A dark highway soundtrack!

Rohan is a Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Sound Designer. 

This music was born at Sitabani Wildlife Reserve bordering Corbett National Park, where I spent three wonderful weeks in April 2017. 

Sounds have always fascinated me, and one sound I heard there inspired me most of all: the alarm call of the Barking Deer. This  sound is a primal, eerie expression of intense fear and panic. The deer call when they sense a predator such as a tiger or a leopard - a matter of life and death. 

Sitting on the terrace on some nights, all I would hear was this alarm call piercing the night. I felt it expressed the suspense and drama of the Indian forest, and it was this emotion that I wanted to capture.

The track Hunted takes the raw beauty of this sound and builds a story around it, which your imagination must fill in. 

Another sound that captivated me was the call of the Indian Cuckoo - a surreal, human-like whistle. When I heard it echoing in the night and filling the sky, I felt like I was surrounded by spirits whispering to me: the inspiration of the track Spirits. 

Still is a dark, minimalistic track, interspersed with calls of the Indian Nightjar: a resonant, almost electronic sound that you would not believe could be made by a bird. 

Alarmed is inspired by a fascinating nighttime encounter between a herd of elephants and a male tiger. The cries and wails of the elephants filled the sky – it felt a battle scene from the Lord of the Rings. 

Conflict, Extinct and Reflection focus on our pecarious interactions with wild animals, and devastation we wreak on nature.

This album combines two of my passions: Music and Wildlife. All the sounds that you hear have been recorded by me. 

Enjoy it – immerse yourself in this music of our forests. 

Thanks for listening!

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