Sounds from a Himalayan Forest - The Album

Sounds from a Himalayan Forest is a collection of ambient sounds I recorded at Sitabani Wildlife Reserve in April 2017. I wanted everyone to experience the breathtaking range of natural sounds I heard, immersed in the forest.

Impersonator is of particular interest on this album. On this track you hear the alarm call of the Barking Deer being mimicked repeatedly by a bird (possibly a Jungle Fowl - maybe the birders out there can help out)! This call-and-response exchange went on for almost twenty minutes, with the bird even matching the changes in pitch in the deer call. Most amazing.

Around Five Thirty features very unique, strange and even humorous vocalisations by peacocks. On Barks and Birds, two barking deers call amidst a variety of chirping birds - an interesting juxtaposition. On Brain Fever, you hear the call of the Indian Hawk-Cuckoo, which sounds exactly like this phrase, with Red-Wattled Lapwings and Indian Nightjars calling in the background. Nightjars features Indian Nightjars in all their rhythmic glory, and Indian Cuckoo the melodious, haunting whistling of this bird amongst a backdrop of crickets chirping and owls hooting. Some of the other birds you can hear are the Lineated Barbet, Great Hornbill, White-Throated Kingfisher, Blue-Throated Barbet (a galloping sound), Eurasian Cuckoo, babblers, bulbuls, scops owls, and many more.

Technical notes: For the gear geeks out there, I used a Rode i-XY microphone for all the recordings. It’s an excellent microphone, very portable (which was very important), and it fit right onto my iPhone. The samples were edited and cleaned up using Izotope Rx. This is a mind-blowing piece of software. It’s so easy to use, and you can literally do anything - clean up ambient noise, isolate and clip out individual sounds, and many more tricks.

Here is the link to the album. I hope it transports you to the magical world of the Indian forests. I would love to hear from you! To contact me, and for information on my other work, visit